Episode 58 - SSSS Gridman


Access Flash! We're heading to the digital world in this anime that is about monsters that tower over our child protagonists. What? No not Digimon, Gridman! Let's see if Cameron and Rob's combination form has enough power to explain this anime!


The King comes to a Phone near you! (2:20)
There’s a new Godzilla game in the works! It’s a tower attack/defense game, have a look here - https://vimeo.com/324835058

Long Live The TV Spot! (3:59)
Hot off the presses, it’s a new KotM TV Spot! - https://youtu.be/fc5PMxke1iQ

Monarch gets a bit clingy! (6:09)
IGN has a new behind the scene’s look with “Inside the Monarch Base”. Check it out! -  https://youtu.be/fpGWcqu-VsU !

King of the Set Visits ! (7:57)
It looks like a bunch of different movie news crews got to visit the KotM and ask questions from the cast and crew. They all released their articles and videos at the same time so we are gunna talk about some highlights!

New Monster Movie on the way?! (22:42)
Michael B. ‘Killmonger’ Jordan and , Jordan 'Kong: Skull Island' Vogt-Roberts Team for Monster Movie! All we know so far is that it’s set in Detroit, no word on if RK-800 aka Conner will be showing up in this one yet.

Ship attacked by “sea creature” ! (23:33)
Okay so, this one is something we covered since a boat near japan his a mysterious sea creature. But the reports coming out about it state that people were injured and so it seems like less of a “whoa giant monsters” thing, and more a “I hope everyone is okay” thing.

Transformers hooking up? Not exactly? (25:08)
I’ll be honest, I added this news segment to the docket as a joke for Cameron. But we ended up having fun answering it so I didn’t cut it out.

SSSS Girdman Discussion! (29:46)
Instance Abreaction! This is it gang! Our first FULL SEASON ANIME REVIEW. We are down to half of our full power, our Color Timer is blinking, and we started this episode late due to a flat tire. But with the power of friendship we shall persevere!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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