Episode 46 - Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters


Time to discuss the IDW comic that started it all! This week we are discussing Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters much to all of the hosts dismay and I think we all wonder how the comics went from this to the beautiful piece of art that was Half Century War. Also sorry for the length of the episode but we had a gigaton of news to cover.


The Meg International Trailer (2:25)
The latest trailer for the Shark Vs Statham movie is out! is it any better thane the last one?

SSSS Gridamn Anime Trailer 2 (7:51)
We get a better look at the new Gridman Anime that is coming out soon.

Matt Frank Gamera comic! (11:55)
What is Matt Frank up to? One cannot simply announce a Gamera comic and it not get talked about.

Ultraman Anime coming soon to Netflix (14:28)
The anime based on the manga is on it's way to Netflix next spring. 

'Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle' Release Date! (17:09)
JULY 18th!!! This is not a drill!

Gundam movie in the works! (20:32)

Legendary Money (23:39)
Legendary pictures got a huge financial boost of 1 billion dollars to keep the studio running. Good? Bad? You decide.

Godzilla vs Kong Returning to Skull Island (30:52)
Skull Island in a Kong movie? Who'dve thunk it.

Godzilla King of the Monsters will be in Hall H! (34:36)
July 21st is gonna be a huge day for the MonsterVerse that's for sure.

Lost World VERSUS Jurassic Park 3 VERSUS Jurassic World winner announced! (40:15)
Who won the last Versus episode? 

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters Comic Discussion! (45:47)
"You have to be %$@#ing kidding me!" - Everyone.


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