Episode 42 - Space Amoeba


This week the Tokyo Lives crew tackle a Toho film that none of them have seen! Listen as they all travel to an island to check out the construction of a new hotel that may be under the assault of some Giant Creatures. There are also rumors of a blue glittery mist like blob on the island so watch out!


Godzilla Anime Sequel: First good look at MechaGodzilla (1:56)
The silhouette of the new MechaGodzilla has appeared on the web! he's a very spikey boy!

Other two Ghidorah Mo-cap artists announced (5:54)
Literally an hour after we recorded the last episode the news broke about the other two motion capture actors for Ghidorah in the upcoming Legendary Godzilla sequel.

Godzilla Vs Kong filming title revealed (8:07)
Apex? Ape-X? You decide!

True Cloverfield sequel announced? (11:49)
Apparently there is a real Cloverfield sequel in development...huh. 

Kong: King of the Apes Season 2! (14:46)
Rob suffered through this so you wouldn't have to. Keep an eye out for his article in the near future.

Space Amoeba Discussion! (23:01)
Gezora, Ganime, and Kamoebas are all here to cause some chaos!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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