Episode 39 - Gamera Vs Guiron


Gamera the friend of all children is back and ready to take on a certain cutlery themed kaiju! Don't forget to hum along to the theme song! Monsters coming from Mars or some other alien world? Come on, Space Monsters! Bring it on!


Rampage Release Date Change (1:55)
The film is safe from the box office monster that is Avengers and now has a new release date of April 13th.

Godzilla 2 Tech Screening (3:45)
40 minutes of the film was shown on the WB lot to check for reshoot material.

Ghidorah design leak? (9:51)
We talk briefly about the supposed Ghidorah design leak for Godzilla 2.

Ready Player One: Mecha G and Gigan confirmed! (15:42)
Marisa and Rob may not be very enthusiastic about this news but we will be taliking briefly about the film regardless. Also there may be a certain piece of music in the film as well.

Godzilla: Monster Planet manga coming soon! (19:56)
The manga adaptation starts at the end of march and will be bringin in some new story elements!

Cameron's Pacific Rim thoughts! (21:02)
Cameron get's five minutes to talk about the first Pacific Rim in preparation for Uprising!

Gamera Vs Guiron Discussion! (27:08)
Freaking Tom always ruins everything. At least Space Gyaos is here!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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