Episode 22: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Well guys, it finally happened, the gang got so excited that they didn't describe their favorite part of the movie.  So it's up to me (Rob), to fill you in. The best sequence in the movie is the Lighthouse destruction, hands down.  We see two men working in a lighthouse as the Beast attacks it crushing the tower in half by leaning on it.  The whole thing is flashing between the two men frantically running down the spiral staircase and the Rhedosaurus bashing at the outside of the building.  It's pretty amazing and shows all of the strengths of this movie rolled into a single moment.


City Shrouded in Shadow News! (1:30):

My current top runner for Game of the Year 2017 gets some new information!  Can't wait for this one.

Newt and Gottlieb Confirmed for Pacific Rim: Uprising! (6:51):

Yes!  The boys are back in town!  And destroying it! With a giant robot!

Godzilla: Monster Planet anime news!  A Day late... (8:30):

Classic Tokyo Lives...we talk about how there is an anime convention coming up that might have some new info on the upcoming Godzilla Anime, then a few days later this happens.  Check out Kyle's thoughts on it!

More Godzilla King of the Monsters news(10:34):

Lots of news about this movie from the Twitterverse! A whole village of people have been hired to act in this movie according to the director (he who shall not be named... correctly).  Legendaryzilla with more screen time?  Also he's changing!? On top of that imdb lists a pretty spectacular cinematographer!

A Director has been selected as tribute for King Kong vs Godzilla (28:13)

Adam Wingard, potential friend of the cast and current director of the new Death Note Netflix original, is going to be over seeing the show down of these two titans of cinema!

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms discussion (33:52)

We get into the bacteria contaminated meat of this episode!  Join us as we dive deep (get it?) into this classic!


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