Episode 09: Daikaiju Gamera

This is an important episode for our little podcast, as we're now starting to delve into the iconic monsters that rule over the fandom. Gamera is one of the "big three" in my eyes, and having not seen many of his films, it was incredibly exciting to dive into the first one early in the podcast's lifecycle. 'Daikaiju Gamera' may not be the best film in the series, but it's incredibly interesting to see the aspects of his future status come alive for the first time in this film. Plus, TOSHIO!!!

We also get into some rather minor, but exciting, news about the technological updates to some daikaiju classics that are finally coming to fruition. We've also decided to address some recent concerns about our handling of rumors in the news section of the site and why we're unwilling to bend to the will of some of the largest names in Godzilla fandom about it. All of that, plus our main topic of the night makes for an episode we really enjoyed recording.

Pull your arms, legs, and head into your shell so that you can clearly listen to this week's extraordinary Tokyo Lives episode where we go in depth discussing 'Daikaiju Gamera!'


News (01:08)
4K restorations of Toho classics seem to be piling up (It's a good thing), We address our handling of rumors for upcoming giant monster flicks.

Main Topic (18:05)
We go in-depth with one of the most important films in Daikaiju history: 'Gamera: The Invincible/Giant Monster'

Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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