Episode 13: The Host (2006)

Happy New Years every one! What better way to ring in 2017, than having a new episode of your favorite giant monster podcast to listen to? This is a bit of a fresh start for the Podcast with some new sultry voices appearing for your listening pleasure.

As promised multiple times, this episode is discussing the 2006 Korean monster romp known as The Host! We also discuss alot of the news that you may have missed during our month long hiatus.


New Co-Host intros (00:50)

Meet the new Hosts! (see what I did there?)

News (05:15)

We talk about the Kong trailer, Power Rangers, and last but not least the new titles for Pacific Rim 2 and Godzilla 2!

Main Topic (37:50)

We discuss everything about The Host and give our opinions about the film!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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